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UK Government announces plans to extend Renewable Heating Initiative

On Nov. 25, the U.K. government published its spending review, which includes details of the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s budget for the next four years. The budget includes seed funding for renewable energy technologies and funding for the Renewable Heat Incentive. According to information published by the DECC, the government will extend RHI […]

Wood briquettes versus Logs

Wood Briquettes versus Logs They burn hotter and cleaner, are cheaper to buy, and much easier to store and handle – so why do so few people with open fires and wood-burning stoves use recycled wood briquettes to heat their home? Big in Europe, but still largely untried by many fire users in the UK […]

Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets for Heating

Wood Pellets Wood pellets can be made from a range of wood biomass materials. Besides wood biomass, other types of pellets (non wood pellets) can be made from paper, cardboard, grain, straw, corn husks, production waste and all manner of things. The process for making biomass wood pellets is principally the same that is used […]