Carnethy Woodfuel

Which wood burns best?

Wood is the natural sustainable choice of fuel for domestic fires – in use since the first fire many millennia ago. When we warm our homes with wood, we participate in a natural cycle and an ongoing continuum of activity that we share with ancient ancestors. I am amazed at the number of country people […]

Carnethy Hills

Carnethy Woodfuel – Tree Facts and Figures

Trees are the longest living organisms on the planet and one of the earth’s greatest natural resources. They keep our air supply clean, reduce noise pollution, improve water quality, help prevent erosion, provide food and building materials, create shade, and help make our landscapes look beautiful. Here are some more thought-provoking facts and figures about our oldest citizens […]

Bags of Hardwood Logs

Carnethy Woodfuel primary hardwood species

We discuss which species of locally sourced hardwood we use for firewood logs to supply customers in the Edinburgh area