Coffee Logs

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Carnethy Woodfuel are extremely excited about selling Coffee logs in addition to our traditional hardwood logs and briquettes.

Each log is made from the grounds of approximately 25 cups of coffee which come from coffee shops, restaurants and instant coffee factories in the UK.

The logs smell slightly of coffee when not in use, but when they are burned they smell similar to wood.

They burn 20 per cent hotter and brighter than wood and emit 80 per cent less carbon than burning kiln-dried wood.

By burning waste coffee oil it also reduces the amount of coffee grounds go to landfill where they emit methane, a greenhouse gas 34 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Reducing waste and finding ways to be kinder to the environment is a priority for Carnethy Woodfuel, so this pioneering product fits perfectly with our plans for recycling and waste reduction.

Bio-bean, a clean technology company, came up with the idea for the new fuel six years ago, when it was noticed that cold coffee gathered a film of oil.

They’re made from your recycled coffee grounds, and are ideal for use in stoves, open fires, woodburners and chimineas.

The UK produces 500,000 tonnes of waste coffee grounds each year. bio-bean collects this coffee waste from cafes, coffee chains and office blocks all over the UK, and uses it to manufacture Coffee Logs at the world’s first coffee recycling factory in Cambridgeshire. This diverts waste away from landfill, and reduces emissions that contribute to climate change.

So if you’re looking for a fuel that can heat your home while helping the planet, try Coffee Logs this winter.

Each log is made from the grounds of around 25 cups of coffee and are manufactured in the UK.