Wood Briquettes

In addition to burning hardwood logs why not also try our wood briquettes which provide a wonderful heat and fantastic glow. Briquettes are made from recycled sawdust and clean wood waste and are ideal for burning on open fires, wood burning stoves or outside on the chiminea.

Our wood briquettes are a perfect example of renewable wood fuel making use of materials that would otherwise go into landfill.

Briquettes are a great option for those looking to use a renewable alternative to coal and are supplied in a sealed container with a moisture content of less than 10%. Formed by compressing sawdust at high temperatures they contain no additives, resins or glue providing a long lasting heat.

They are also completely clean to touch, leaving no residue on your hands or clothes unlike many other solid fuels.

Get your fire going…


Our 5kg bags of kindling contain dry and well seasoned cut wood which will make lighting your fire a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. Kindling is supplied in individual 40cm x 52cm re-sealable nets.


A bag of 40 natural firelighters. Waxlings are made from wood wool soaked in candle and beeswax. They are clean and odourless with a long combustion time making lighting your fire an easier experience. No need for a pile of spent matches and scorched fingertips when using a Waxling!

Kindling and Waxlings are available to purchase online alongside any other log bundle, wood pellet or briquette order.